Food Services

Providing classic pub favorite plates such as, BBQ Lamb & Pork, Chicken Wings & Nuggets, French Fries, Deep Fried Tempura and more!


Fully Licensed bar offering a wide range of gaming inspired cocktails, beers and gamer favorite caffeinated drinks until 2AM.


Participate in events for popular game titles with your own account such as, CS:GO, Overwatch, LoL, Dota2, PUBG and more.

Gaming Rigs

Thirty Professional Gaming PCs fitted with Intel’s i5 7600k and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. Option to bring your own peripherals!


Records and Statistics

In game stats such as (K/D) ratio is usually recognized by people as an indicator of how good a player or a team performance is. That is why we Love keeping track of games with Live Bracket updates, and leader board stats!

Tournament Configuration

PVP understands the need to have a competitive platform that is configured to meet the needs of spectators and e-athletes. Selected events will have live back-up mechanisms to prevent any tournament disruption with dedicated Discord Channels

Player Representation

PvP Cyber Lounge acknowledges that in order for sponsors and fans to connect, they need to be represented in a professional manner. Selected events will be Live Streamed on Twitch and Published on various affiliate websites.


Like professional athletes, gamers by trade are highly focused individuals that want to excel in their own gaming discipline. Our participants get access to rich media; Event MVP, Top 5 Performances, Videos of Live Action and quality photography.